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EOC is committed to making sure that employment decisions are based on skill and ability, and that qualified applicants and employees have equal opportunities for recruitment, selection, and advancement at Carolina.

A summary of EOC equitable employment opportunity services, which includes Equal Opportunity Employment Plan, Waiver Process, and Search Committee Training.

Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination

As a state institution, UNC-Chapel Hill is responsible for ensuring that all required workplace postings are up-to-date and available to all employees. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released an updated Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal poster, outlining information on federal laws prohibiting job discrimination.

Equal Employment Opportunity Plans

Diversity brings great value to our students, employees, and the people of North Carolina. Every year, EOC builds a plan that shows the composition of Carolina’s workforce and that establishes the path the institution will follow to help meet the University’s commitment to an inclusive, welcoming, and diverse work environment. Access the current Federal and State Equal Employment Opportunity Plans.

Equal Opportunity Employment Data Forms

The University is required to collect employee disability, ethnicity/race, gender, and veteran status information to comply with state and federal laws, executive orders, and regulations. These forms are used to collect this information. The three forms below should be  included in the new hire package that is sent by the hiring department or HR representative to all new hires.

When the completed forms are returned to the HR representative, the forms should be sent to EOC to be entered into ConnectCarolina.

Waivers in the Employee Recruitment Process

EOC oversees waivers in the employee recruitment process for all positions at the University regardless of the classification to ensure fair and equitable recruitment efforts. Waivers are an exception to the normal, open recruitment process. If you are seeking a waiver, contact the Director of Equal Opportunity and ADA Coordinator, Tiffany Bailey, to request a “Waiver of Recruitment Action.” EOC staff can help you through the process, determine the appropriate waiver type, and review the waiver application to ensure that the reasons for pursuing the waiver (i.e., the employee has unique qualifications) are valid. EHRA Recruitment and Selection Procedures>>

Search Committee Training

All hiring supervisors, search committee chairs and members must complete the online Search Committee Training Module before beginning the search process for any EHRA recruitment. Access the model. >>

Diversity Recruitment Sources>>
Additional Search Committee Resources>>

Skills Assessments

Skills Assessment Approval Request Forms must be submitted if any portion of the interview process involves assessing candidate’s skills through the requirement of a presentation, case study or other tests assessing candidate skills. Submission of this request form is not required for standard interview questions, including situational or hypothetical interview questions. Submissions are reviewed weekly, but please submit this form at least two weeks prior to the date by which you are inviting candidates for interviews.

Compelled Speech Prohibition

The UNC System policy prohibits compelled speech in hiring, admission, or promotion/tenure. University representatives will not solicit or require an applicant, candidate, or faculty member to make statements that require attesting to or affirming beliefs about matters of contemporary political debate or social action as part of these processes.

More information on the compelled speech prohibition policy can be found here.

Equitable Search and Recruitment

Office responsibilities for overseeing fair and equitable employee recruitment have recently changed and are detailed below.  Contact the below offices for questions about starting and completing the recruitment process.

EHRA non-faculty permanent and temporary Office of Human Resources
EHRA permanent faculty employees Office of Academic Personnel
Visiting part-time faculty employees Office of Academic Personnel
EHRA post-doctoral scholars Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
SHRA permanent and temporary employees Office of Human Resources

Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Fundamentals (EEODF)

EOC connects you to this classroom training provided by the Office of State Human Resources that is required by law for managerial and supervisory employees. This course helps participants understand federal and state equal employment opportunity and affirmative actions laws in the context of daily work situations. EEODF Overview>>

To register for a training, you must create an account online through the North Carolina Learning Center. Use this Quick Reference Tool to create an account through this online portal.