EOC creates, implements, and enforces University policies that promote an equitable, inclusive, and welcoming campus community.  

EOC oversees several non-discrimination policies, including the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct (the Policy). If you or someone you know has experienced discrimination or harassment based on any protected status (i.e., age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status), sexual assault or sexual violence, interpersonal (relationship) violence, or stalking, you are encouraged to report the incident to EOC. If you are considered a “Responsible Employee,” you are required to report the incident.

Once EOC receives a report, EOC staff members are focused on:

  • stopping the conduct;
  • providing services for the safety and well-being of those involved;
  • identifying any patterns of behavior that may exist;
  • addressing incidents that have occurred; and
  • taking measures to prevent the conduct from happening in the future.


Here is a closer look at how EOC addresses reports of misconduct. 

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