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The EOC (EOC) is committed to empowering our Carolina community to find new and creative ways to address and end sexual and relationship violence, stalking and other forms of harassment.

One way the EOC connects with the Carolina community around these issues is through the HAVEN program.

HAVEN, as you may know, is an often requested program – which is great! Students, faculty and staff find HAVEN to be a useful training and worth their time. We find some from the UNC community will take the training every few years – which it also wonderful.

What you may not know about HAVEN is that it is facilitated by volunteers from across the UNC campus. Professional UNC staff volunteer to serve as facilitators to present HAVEN with EOC staff.

Still, with the demand for HAVEN – we sometimes find ourselves needing more volunteer facilitators than we currently have working with the program.

To help build the HAVEN program, we need to increase our volunteer HAVEN facilitator staff – and we are looking to those who have participated in HAVEN before to join the team and volunteer as HAVEN facilitators.

If you are interested in working with the EOC to facilitate HAVEN, please contact Ew Quimbaya-Winship or Emily Howe (HAVEN program coordinators). There will be a training period for new facilitators. Preferred qualifications for the volunteer HAVEN co-facilitator include:

  • Experience with delivering educational programming
  • Knowledge and empathy of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Experience with public speaking, excellent oral and written skills
  • Reflective listening and thoughtful feedback, group management, and good communication skills
  • Experience with crisis intervention and problem solving with individual and small groups

Previous training in the areas of healthy relationships, sexual and relationship violence, stalking and other form of harassment is not necessary.

Facilitators are expected to be available for and facilitate the 3-hour HAVEN program at least 2-3 times each semester and be available to attend HAVEN meetings 3 times a year.

If you are interested in volunteering with HAVEN (or if you have questions about the program) please contact Ew or Emily at:

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