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Dear Carolina Community,

The University is committed to fostering a community that is free from harassment and discrimination, including sexual and gender-based violence. As part of that commitment, since 2019, we have required faculty and staff to complete an online training module, Preventing Harassment and Discrimination, on a regular basis.

This training is a requirement for all permanent faculty and staff and is a separate requirement from Campus Security Authority and Responsible Employee trainings, which you may have taken earlier this year.

Faculty and staff who last completed this training prior to April 2020 are required to complete the training again to ensure ongoing and up-to-date knowledge about these important topics. Updates to the training since 2020 include information about the new federal Title IX regulations and changes to the University’s definition of protected status. If you have completed the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training since April 2020, you are not required to complete the training at this time and may disregard this email.

In order to allow ample time to fully engage with the content, employees will have two months to complete the training. The training module can take up to two hours to complete. The training allows you to work at your own pace, and your progress will be saved if you need to stop and return at a later time. If you need technical assistance, please visit

You will receive an email directly from EVERFI, the module vendor, providing you access to the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training. This Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training will help prepare you to recognize and respond to discrimination, harassment, and related misconduct such as sexual harassment and sexual violence, interpersonal (relationship) violence, and stalking.

We understand that the topics covered in this training may be difficult for some employees. If you have concerns about your ability to complete the training, please contact

To learn more about University policies, procedures and resources for addressing harassment and discrimination, please visit

We appreciate your participation in this training and your commitment in helping to make Carolina a safer and more inclusive campus.

Thank you,

Becci Menghini
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance

Elizabeth Hall
Associate Vice Chancellor for Equal Opportunity and Compliance


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