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Logo celebrating 50 years of Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) are two of the federal laws that are focused on providing safe, equitable, and welcoming learning and work environments on campus. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination and sexual harassment. Sexual assault and sexual violence are forms of sexual or gender-based harassment that are prohibited by Title IX. VAWA also requires Universities to address sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and stalking.

Brief history of Title IX at UNC

Throughout its history, the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office has worked closely with campus partners to carry out the University’s responsibilities under Title IX.

Responding to the concerns of the campus community, in 2013, Chancellor Holden Thorp appointed a 22-member task force to review and enhance University policies and procedures for addressing student-on-student complaints of harassment, sexual misconduct, or discrimination. Led by then Interim Title IX Coordinator, Christi Hurt, the task force worked for over a year to develop the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct and the accompanying procedures.

The University has enacted several policies designed to carry out its obligations to prevent and address sex-based discrimination on campus. In 2014, the University enacted its Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct and supporting procedures, which revised and clarified how the University addresses sexual misconduct under Title IX. In 2018, the University published its Policy on Pregnant and Parenting Students and Applicants, which provides accommodations and support for students who are pregnant or have related medical conditions. Based on the 2020 Title IX regulations in August 2020, the University enacted its Policy on Prohibited Sexual Harassment Under Title IX.

In 2021, the roles of Associate Vice Chancellor of Equal Opportunity and Compliance and Title IX Coordinator were combined into a role with broad compliance oversight and strategic leadership responsibilities. The EOC has grown into a team of 21, expanding its resources for the Carolina community. Three new leadership positions were created (Director of Report and Response, Director of Investigations, and Director of Equal Opportunity/ADA Coordinator) to lead EOC response, investigations, and accommodations teams. The University also recently hired a Hearing Officer, a newly created position in Institutional Integrity and Risk Management, to conduct hearings required under EOC policies.

You can learn more about the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office’s role in Title IX by clicking here.

The Future of Title IX

The Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office continues to monitor developments and proposed regulation changes to Title IX at the federal level. We are evaluating what changes may be needed to our policies and will update the Carolina community with any new information.

Carolina’s 50th Anniversary Celebration of Title IX

On Thursday, November 3, 2022, University leaders along with several campus partners joined UNC’s Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office to celebrate 50 years of protections provided under Title IX federal law. Click here to learn more about this celebration!