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Stick together! Look out for each other and check in with friends. The third installation of the Heels United Project was all about working together to help make Chapel Hill a safe place. We were on campus Thursday, October 29 (Rams Head Plaza) and Friday, October 30 (Polk Place) to raise awareness about the importance of sticking together with friends to help everyone stay safe while they’re out and about in Chapel Hill. We asked students to sign a pledge of who they would be sticking with and we shared information about how to get involved in bystander intervention training on campus, including One Act.

We also passed out bubble gum (stick together!) to help spread the word about the campaign on social media. Those who stopped by were encouraged to take a photo blowing bubbles and share the photo on social media using the hashtags #heelsunitedproject and #sticktogether. They were also asked to note who they were sticking with to help make Carolina a safe place for all!

Learn more about the Heels United for a Safe Carolina awareness campaign >>

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