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In August 2020, UNC-Chapel Hill adopted the Policy on Prohibited Sexual Harassment under Title IX. The new policy addresses misconduct that falls under the definitions and parameters put into place by the new federal regulations released in May 2020. The new policy joins the already existing Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct (PPDHRM) that addresses misconduct that falls outside of the Sexual Harassment Policy’s definitions and parameters.

In an effort to help our campus community understand how misconduct falls under these two policies, and to help guide you through the process, the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office (EOC) created graphics outlining the policies and procedures. We understand navigating the policies and procedures outlined in these graphics could be difficult, so we encourage you to contact a Report and Response Coordinator within the EOC or a confidential resource, such as the Gender Violence Services Coordinators to help further guide you along these processes.




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