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The Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office (EOC) has remained open throughout this past academic year, responding to reports, providing support, connecting students and employees to resources, and we continued to offer various trainings, including HAVEN, as we can.


We continue to refine the online version of HAVEN since first presenting the virtual version of the program in January 2021. Feedback from participants helped to shape the online program we now offer – and we hope to continue to improve the program as participants share additional thoughts and ideas.

It’s been exciting (if not a little scary) to move HAVEN from an in-person training to a virtual program. There’s always a question when planning any presentation, “will this work!?” The feedback from participants, even when critical, is offered with a great deal of thought and care. I am moved when reading comments from HAVEN participants about how we might improve the workshop. It’s clear to me that Carolina students, faculty, and staff care about supporting members of our community who may be impacted by sexual and relationship violence. Please know we do our best to incorporate all the ideas shared with us as we prepare for the next HAVEN program on our calendar.

I expect the HAVEN program will continue to be offered remotely through the fall semester. If you or a group you work with would like to schedule a virtual HAVEN training at any time this calendar year, please let us know. You can request a HAVEN program by emailing:


EOC staff are available to talk with UNC employees and students about protected status discrimination or harassment concerns or concerns related to sexual harassment, sexual and interpersonal violence, and stalking.

As the campus reopens, EOC will continue to offer virtual meetings, as we have this past year. Some who have contacted EOC over this past year shared how they appreciate meeting with Report and Response Coordinators (RRCs – the EOC’s ‘report intake coordinators’) via Zoom and by phone. We will also begin to offer in-person meetings in accordance to UNC’s Covid-19 Community Standards for those who would prefer to meet in person.

If you or someone you know has a report to share with the EOC, you can contact us through the EOC website – click on the “Report an Incident” button; or you can email: to connect with an RRC.

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