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In accordance with University recommendations, the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office will be serving our community through remote communication which includes phone and video calls. Listed below are the ways in which EOC is continuing to serve our campus community in a digital format.

If you need immediate law enforcement or medical assistance, dial 911.

To make a report, please use the online reporting form. Once submitted, one of our three Report and Response Coordinators will contact you. You can also email the Report and Response Coordinators (RRCs) directly or call them at 919-445-2759 to learn more about your options.

A Report and Response Coordinator can meet with you in person upon request, however, we encourage meeting remotely through phone calls and video calls. Please email the Report and Response Coordinators or call 919-445-2759 to discuss your options.

The EOC Office helps employees and students with religious accommodation requests, employees and applicants for employment with disability accommodation requests, and students and applicants for employment with pregnancy accommodation requests. Students seeking disability accommodations should contact the Accessibility Resources and Service Office.

To make a disability accommodations request, a religious accommodations request, or a pregnancy accommodations request, fill out the appropriate forms on the EOC website.

For more information regarding COVID-19-related accommodations, please visit the COVID-19 Accommodations webpage.

You can find the EOC’s brochures and other informational materials available for download on our website. Contact Kelly Dubell for questions about these materials.

The EOC Office offers trainings and online modules throughout the year. Head to the trainings and events page on the EOC website to learn more.

If you need additional support resources and information, please visit

Visit our website for additional FAQs about the EOC Office and the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct.

Visit the HR COVID-19 FAQ page for additional employee-specific information.

Visit for up to date information about UNC’s response to COVID-19.

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